1908 – 2016

Legend has it that Lord Dudley, the fourth Governor General of Australia visited Daylesford during 1908.   Lord Dudley was asked by the owners for his consent to call their new guesthouse “Dudley House.”

With it’s fascinating history, tales of famous guests, tennis parties, mineral springs escapades, local dances and numerous owners,  the property has always been a well known landmark in the region.

Dr. Paul Lever and his wife Cate Lever purchased the property in October 2013 and have transformed the property to a new level of luxury for the Daylesford Mineral Springs area.

Now called The Dudley Boutique Hotel the property includes the original 1908 Dudley House and, in the original position of the old jamming shed, The Dudley Cottage.

In 2014, The Dudley was honoured to become a Small Luxury Hotel of the World.  

The Dudley is the only SLH hotel in Victoria and one of 7 in Australia.

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